Tre Vua is one of 100 entrepreneurs chosen to public products on Amazon Global

100 entrepreneurs with its potential products have been to chosen to public its products on Amazon Global under support from cooperation beetween Amazon Global and Viettrade ( The Trade Promotion Agency ). Tre Vua will join all the training and follow instruction to have its products publiced on Amazon Global estimatedly at the end of […]

Improve Quality, Persevere Mission To Bring Customers The Best Quality Products.

One of Tre Vua’s mission is to bring customers the products made from the best quality bamboo, especially for domestic customers, Tre Vua is committed to bring quality products that equivalent to exporting products to ensure ensuring fairness for consumers, having the right to use the best products regardless of whether they are domestic or […]

Female Labor in Rural Area and Their Equality

As far from the city, short of many thing to update the civilized information of the society, there are still many backward concepts and practices, including practices that affect to benefit of the woman in rural areas. Women in rural areas nowaday are the main labor force of many manufacturing factories, with a majority in […]

The Role Of Bamboo In Restoring And Protecting The Forest

There are many species of bamboo that can grow in different conditions, some even develop on rocky mountains in the form of small bushes like vines, there are many species that develop large woody stems in nutrition land areas. Most of the places where bamboo grows, lands are protected from erosion, especially in our tropical […]